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Quantum Voyage 2

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Live workshops rules

1. WHAT IS INCLUDED. The registration fee includes only the participation to the class with the translation.

2. REGISTRATION VALIDITY. Registrations are valid if correctly filled and signed, and only after My Life has got the registration fee. To attend the class you need to receive My Life confirmation and to be of age.

3. AUDIO-VIDEO FILMING. The class could be filmed by My Life, and the video could be used for documentary, commercial and educational purposes. It is not allowed to take personal filming or audio recording during classes and seminars.

4. CHANGING NAME. In any moment until two days before the beginning of the class, the participant can be replaced by another person that he or she will take care to specify.

5. VOUCHER. If the registered person does not attend the class, they can exchange the paid amount with a voucher of the 70% of the paid amount. The request to exchange the paid amount with a voucher is allowed until the tenth (10th) day after the end of the class. The voucher can be used to purchase streaming courses on the website The voucher expires after 12 months from its emission.

6. REFUND. During the first 14 working days from the registration date there is in force the right of withdrawal provided for by law that allows to be fully refunded of the paid amount. After this due time, and within 30 days from the beginning of the class, the 70 per cent of the paid amount shall be refunded. During the 29 days before the beginning of the class no refund is due.

7. MY PARTICIPATION. I take note that my participation to the class is voluntary and that it does not substitute in any way any medical treatment, and that the lecturer does not give medical advice. My Life reserves the right to regulate, at its own incontestable discretion, the access to the class and it is included in its free will the faculty to accept or not the registration to the class of any applicant.