Outer Space - Travel & Remote Viewing

Garda Lake
October 11th-14th2018

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Roy Martina MD, Joy Martina PhD


Learn Secrets of the CIA: How to Astral Travel & Remote View any Place on this Planet (or any other Dimension!)

  • Develop Remote Viewing & Astral Traveling Skills
  • Learn Personality Numerology 2.0 - A Uniquely Simple Way of Creating an Accurate Personality Profile
  • Become a Remote Healing Channel & Discover How to Connect with the Higher Selves of Others - Anytime, Anywhere
  • Learn How to Communicate with Beings from Other Dimensions & Download the Wisdom of the Universe


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Leggi questo nuovo testo di Joy e Roy Martina tradotto in esclusiva in italiano per te

Is Time Travel possible?
"Dear friend,
Time travel is a fascinating subject and Einstein developed a theory for it but except for a few movies about time travel, we do not have any hands-on proof that it actually exists.

Did you know that Hitler was working on a time travel machine? He was consulting Oracles to enhance his technical advantage on the allies and even tried his hand on time traveling, and as far as we know, he was (thank God) unsuccessful in this endeavor.

Astral Travel is Time Travel
The most famous time traveler was Nostradamus, a physician who wrote down the visions he received while time traveling in astral form.
In other words: We may not be able to teleport our physical body into the time space continuum as of yet, but we can project our consciousness through time and space.

Past Life Regression is a Form of Time Travel
When our daughter Grace was around 5 years, she was getting flashes about past lives and would recognize people that she knew from before. She also suffered from water phobia and would start panicking when taking a shower and her head would get wet. I tuned in and received images of her drowning in a previous life. Once we understood where her panic was coming from, we could work with her and she overcame her fear of water. Now she loves water and even swimming under water.

I have done 100’s of past live hypnosis sessions with my clients and noticed early on that when I do, I seem to travel with them. I can “see” what they are “seeing” and this has given me the ability to coach my clients through their process in an even better way.

Future Travel
All my life I have been getting flashes of future events and this used to really unnerve me. I’d for instance catch glimpses of where I’d be living in the future and long before we moved to the USA, I would see the view from our back porch – even though at that time I had no idea where this place may be. I even sketched it out to show Roy at the time and now that I see this view “in real” every day I am still amazed at the amazing clarity and precision of my vision.

Roy and I even have traveled together to see the future and we often have 80% overlap of what we see. How is this helpful??

I take decisions today based on the information I get from the future. Just recently we even invested in a new storm proof roof on our house because in one of my future visions, we had received information about our house burning down and intuition advised us to change the roof to prepare. The new roof was just about finished when one of the worst thunder storms hit Asheville and lightning struck our house. The builder told us that if we hadn’t had the new metal roof on our house, it would have burnt down to a crisp.

I am forever grateful to have the skillsets that I have worked so hard to develop. Let’s go a step deeper now.

Astral Projection
One of the techniques we are teaching in the upcoming module of the Oracle Training is to have out of body experiences and to travel with your consciousness to other locations and time, to get glimpses of what is happening.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have this skillset and get info from the future? 
Join us for the next Oracle Training in person (in Italy) or via Livestream (you can stay in your home)! 

Remote Viewing (RV)
Let me quickly explain what RV is in case you didn’t read the previous newsletter. We are born with a ton of special psychic senses, which we lose over time by lack of use. Just like our muscles need to be trained to develop strength, our psychic gifts can be honed into incredible tools to improve and save lives.

Remote Viewing is linked to the famous 3rd eye, also known as the 6th Chakra. This is the part of our intuition that gives us the visual input on situations and incidents in another time-space location. So, if you get a flash of a loved one or friend and then the phone rings with them on the line, this is your 3rd eye sense being active. When we get a bad feeling about our child and then the phone rings and it is a call from the school principal explaining your child has had an accident… it‘s that same 3rd eye that’s in action. 

Most of us have not learnt this skillset and yet it is one of the best skillsets to train!

The Future can be Changed!
Knowing what is coming changes the outcome of your life because you can prepare and be in another place to escape a potential disaster. By having this kind of foresight, you will have an (almost) unfair financial advantage as you can check out the future of markets and make wise choices in the now. It is our innate, natural gift to receive psychic insights: sometimes information comes through meditation or dreams and we actually train ourselves to travel to that future to see what is coming! The future is not fixed, we can alter it to our advantage by having foresight and clairvision (clairvoyance) and adjusting our actions in the now.

In Person or via Livestream?
Would you like to take control of your future? Would you like to join us to discover more about what is coming? Would you like to train your Intuition to a higher level? Would you like to find out for yourself what the future may bring?

Then join us for the 3rd module of the Christallin Oracle Training (11th-14th October 2018) in Lazise, Italy (right by beautiful lake Garda). We are also offering Livestream in 3 languages, so you can learn in the convenience of your own home, at your own pace. 

We recommend you also study the 1st and 2nd module to practice the connection with your Higher Self. Our upcoming training teaches Remote Viewing AND Astral Projection.

Finding your Inner Compass!
When you can connect to the Future, you make better decisions in the Now.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your efforts will pay off? If it’s worth putting energy into a project, person … or not? Wouldn’t you want to know if you should quit your job or stay when you are having difficulties at work? Wouldn’t you want to know with certainty if you can trust a person or not?
Wouldn’t you want to improve your intuition to the point where it becomes you most dependable asset in decision making?

If you are saying YES to any of these questions, then the upcoming Oracle Training is your best bet to further develop your most important God-given gift: Your Intuition! It’s your compass to the future, your inborn GPS to guide you to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself … and make decisions with certainty, knowing that you are on the path you supposed to be". 

If you want to go deep subscribe to the new Outer Space workshop by Joy and Roy Martina:
Only within 8th October you can save € 50 for the live workshop and € 500 for the Livestream.


Why this might be the most important investment of your life

"Dear friend,
he most rewarding investment I ever made was to invest in developing my psychic skills.
Roy and I spent a fortune going to workshops and taking all kinds of trainings to improve our overall performance and professional skills. Yet from all the things we did, nothing has given me more payback than training my psychic skills and intuition.

If I had to do it all over again, I would start with training those skillsets first because they influence everything! Here I will explain the advantages of having razor-sharp intuition and psychic skills.

My belief in relationships was flat-lining after a couple of real big disappointments and emotional traumas. I was a single Mom of 3, working my tail off to keep my business and family afloat and I was “done” with men.
But the Universe had a very different plan for me. I attended a training in Oy/Germany to become an Omega Health Practitioner, when I was nudged by my Intuition to stand up and ask a question. I can’t even remember what I asked but can still feel that rush of energy I experienced when I noticed the instant connection I had with Roy, who was leading the training. Something had literally forced me to stand up and ask that question. Now I know it was my Higher Consciousness that recognized Roy as my soulmate. I immediately knew this was something very different than I ever had experienced. My intuition yelled: “Yes, go for it!”.

But my head went into full resistance; all the pain and disappointment from past relationships came to mind and my heart went silent. It wouldn’t say anything. As my ego went into total fear and paralysis, I just wanted to run. So, what did I do? Well, I learnt how to “stop”, get out of my head and connect with my highest wisdom, only to hear the same answer: “Yes, go for it, trust your intuition!”

So, I did, and you can read the rest of the story plus lots of scientific background on intuition in my book. And let me tell you: 7 years into our marriage I am more than ever grateful I trusted my intuition!

Money & Investments
There are Remote Viewers who have won the lottery over 6 times. One acquaintance of ours predicted with RV in 2012 that Trump will be the next president … long before even Trump knew who would run. He won a ton of money on a London gambling site with his prediction. Trained Remote Viewers can predict the ups and downs of the stock market, if you are an investor, that would be a great skillset to have: To know what to invest in and when to get out is priceless, don’t you agree?

Friendships & People
Wouldn’t it be great to get a clear sense of the people you meet; to know what their intentions are and what you can trust them with … and what not? That alone can be a life saver, don’t you agree?

One of my favorite things to do is to scan a business and find out where the energy leaks are.
I have helped several businesses in hiring people by scanning the candidates and checking which ones have the highest compatibility for the company and to predict what conflicts may arise with that person in the future. A very useful skill to have, wouldn’t you agree?

Future Travel
This is such a fun thing to do! There are infinite possibilities and by knowing which of all the possible outcomes are best for you, will help you to make the choices to bring you to that future. This is exactly what Roy and I are doing right now: we know where we want to go and have a clear idea on what is coming; so, we base our decisions in the now based on the bigger goal we are going for. This knowledge gives us the strength and courage to persevere even when things are not going the way we want or like in the now. We know where we are heading, and we know that the rough seas will calm down and the sun will shine again. For us, this is priceless encouragement in dark times.

Intimacy (in to me you see)
Imagine connecting with your partner on an astral level and deepening your experience of being with each other… that in itself is the best outcome for some people joining our course. Deeper levels of intimacy are the best way to speed up your personal growth and enjoy deeper levels of happiness and fulfillment.

When my daughter was 2 years old, we were going through drastic changes of our environment; we had just moved from one country to a country, where we did not speak the language; we had left all our friends and family behind and I was concerned about being able to support my kids through this time. By connecting with them even while I was traveling, I knew how best to support them in these fast-changing times and create a safe environment where they could thrive. This gave me the peace of mind as a mother. Imagine being able to support your children better by being able to get a clear sense what is best for them!

Whenever I plan travel for leisure or business, I do so by first checking in and intuitively finding the best time to travel or where to go to, so we can have the best possible experience. That’s a cool skillset to have, wouldn’t you agree?

Your Personal Sanctuary
This is the best place for you to live. It’s the place where you will be the happiest, healthiest and most successful on your path to become the best version of yourself. We have helped many persons find their best place to live and please know that you can also learn to do this yourself.

Health & Wellbeing
You can find the best path for you to follow to stay healthy and vital by using your skillsets you will learn in our upcoming Oracle Training.
Last but not least, we want to train you and if you want you can join us and become a member of our Research team for future events on this planet.

Ti piacerebbe essere in grado di sapere come stanno le persone che ami? Non sarebbe bello conoscere in anticipo quali saranno le conseguenze delle tue scelte prima di decidere quale sia quella opportuna?

Hai mai pensato di viaggiare astralmente nel passato per guarire i traumi che hanno avuto un forte impatto sulla tua vita? O di vedere qual è il miglior futuro possibile per te e ricevere indicazioni su come raggiungerlo?

Il nuovo eBook di Joy e Roy Martina presenta le basi su cui si fondano i Viaggi Quantici e rivela alcuni segreti, finora rimasti strettamente custoditi, sulla Visione a distanza.

La Visione a distanza è una tecnica sviluppata dalla CIA e dall’esercito degli Stati Uniti, sotto la guida dell’Università di Stanford, per allenare la mente ad acquisire conoscenze su chiunque, su qualunque luogo o evento passato, presente o futuro.

Grazie all’utilizzo di tecniche mentali e di una formazione speciale, con la Visione a distanza e con i Viaggi Quantici, non solo lo spazio è colmato all’istante (puoi vedere ciò che accade in un altro luogo semplicemente chiudendo gli occhi ed entrando in trance): ma anche la barriera temporale è superata, e ciò ti permette di sperimentare il passato percepito e il futuro probabile. Tutti sono in grado di immaginare, e lo fanno. Quando una persona sogna, visualizza usando la propria immaginazione. La visualizzazione di cui si parla in questo manuale è una qualità intrinseca dei pensieri e non un processo biologico che coinvolge la vista.

Le tecniche sviluppate dal dottor Roy Martina sono utilizzate per equilibrare le emozioni ed eliminare gli schemi disfunzionali. Impara a conoscere i diversi stati mentali e il funzionamento della tua mente per metterne a frutto pienamente ogni potenzialità.

Riconosci il vero significato di avvenimenti come incidenti, casi sfortunati, difficoltà e simili ed evita che ti ostacolino.

Con la lettura di questo eBook, scoprirai quali sono i limiti dell’io e come superarli, per percorrere il cammino che ti porta a diventare la migliore versione di te stesso e ad avere una vita più felice, più ricca e più appagante; per fare scelte migliori negli affari, per trovare il luogo giusto in cui vivere e per accedere alla saggezza della Mente Universale, che unisce tutti gli esseri viventi.

Scientifically Based Training in Metaphysics

This training offers effective hands-on training backed by scientific research, walking you through unique processes which expand the ability of the human mind to obtain data at an unconscious level.

Remote Viewing (RV)

RV is a skill originally developed by the CIA and the United States Military under the guidance of Stanford University, which trains the mind to acquire knowledge about any person, place or thing in the past, present or future.

By studying how the best natural psychics acquire information at an unconscious level, a system was created that offers anybody interested to “see at a distance”.

Quantum Astral Traveling (QAT)

Learn how to move your consciousness through time and space to obtain information about your past, present and future timelines - regardless of where you are on this planet.  This will help you to not only gain more clarity (and peace!) in existing challenges, but also support you in knowing how to best prepare for upcoming challenges and make wise choices.

Distance Healing

Learning the skill of Remote Viewing allows you to go the next level of positively influencing the energy of others and become the embodiment of a powerful Healing Channel.

Russia’s Top Secret Tactics

The protocols you will learn were SECRET military techniques for spying at a distance. Russia has a long history of training psychic abilities and is renowned for incorporating these at the highest levels of power. Russia is also credited with being the first to develop this technique. In order to compete with their Russian counterparts, the Pentagon (USA Military) ordered Stanford University to create a program to equip their military and spies with expert psychic skills. The original protocols created by Stanford University have been improved through the discoveries of Drs. Joy & Roy Martina as they found a secret that was previously undiscovered. This created a major breakthrough. Now everyone can learn these techniques 10 times faster and get even better results!


3rd Module of the full workshop
Christallin Oracle Training®

Monday - Friday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

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Limited offer through 8th October
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The price includes: 
Admission to the workshop
Simultaneous translation
Teaching material
Water during the workshop

The Breakthroughs of Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

1. Brain Training and Integration in the Subconscious Mind
Whatever you have been trained in and regardless of what new skill you would like to acquire: every training experiences an upgrade when self-sabotage is eliminated and the brain is trained effectively. The techniques from the Omega Healing System developed by Dr. Roy Martina are used to balance emotions and clear dysfunctional patterns. Dr. Joy Martina improved the training with carefully designed brain trainings to speed up learning and help the autonomic nervous system and subconscious mind effortlessly adapt to change and growth. This paves the way so you can make your heart’s desires actually come true.

2. Your right brain is wirelessly connected to an Infinite Universe
This might be our biggest discovery to date: The right brain is wirelessly connected to the Universe and you can access the incredible wisdom of the Universe through special techniques based on the Chakra Centers. These act as portals between our 3D world (this time space continuum) and the metaphysical world of our multidimensional Universe.

3. The left brain only has a limited perception of the 3rd dimensional reality
The left brain uses its limited 5 senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing & taste) to comprehend and give meaning to the 3 dimensional time space continuum. Because the 5 senses are very limited (and so easily influenced by our outer reality!), we are only accessing a very small part of reality and our brain can act as an inhibitor of progress if we don’t learn how to use ALL parts of our brain.

4. The left brain keeps us trapped in the linear timeline
Because we are so used to relying on our 3 dimensional senses, we cannot see the past, future or the deeper meaning of our choices. We get stuck in our time zone. With training, we can free ourselves from the linear timeline and travel to places normally unseen, and therefore, make much better choices.


How You Will Benefit From This Training:

You will make better choices in business. Who to hire or fire. Which investments will pay off and which disasters are to be avoided. Discover where the energy is blocked in your company.
You will be able to invest wisely and create more abundance. If you know which investments will pay off, you will make more money easily.
You will discover which paths will lead to a better greater, grander version of YOU. Find out what your next best steps are to keep evolving in an accelerated and graceful way.
You will open your 3rd eye. The 6th Chakra, when activated and cleared, gives you the opportunity to power up your intuition and gain access to information from your higher self & the Universe. You will be piercing the veil between the 3rd dimension and our multidimensional Universe.
You will learn how to Quantum Astral travel. Nostradamus was a quantum astral traveler and could travel to the future. You too can learn the ability to astral travel in a much safer way, discover which future is best for you and how to take the next best steps towards your destiny.
You will discover how to find the best place (Sanctuary) to thrive. Joy and Roy enlisted a CIA-agent to Remote View the best place for their family to thrive and be their most successful selves. Having never heard of this place before, they moved there 5 months later.  Six years later, they totally understand why this is the best place for them and why they call this their Sanctuary!
You will discover Quantum Numerology. Dr. Joy Martina is an expert numerologist and will teach students a simple system to give them many insights about themselves and other people.
You will understand the basics of Remote Healing. Remote Healing is a complete training in itself, but you will learn the basics of this art so you can help your loved ones and/or clients.
You will improve your Psychic Powers. Each module of this Oracle Training further develops your psychic powers, and each time you learn a new skill set, this will help you reclaim the senses and gifts you were born with (but lost through education and a non-supportive environment).
You will find more well-being and peace of mind. Each module opens up your access to the chakras, your highest self and much more. The better you understand who you are and what you can do, the more this  increases your well-being and a peaceful state of mind. We are unfortunately so ignorant about ourselves and totally unaware of how and why things happen in our lives that we can fall prey to patterns of despair and confusion. The more clarity you gain around how to influence your success and what spirituality really is, the better you can deal with inevitable life challenges.
You will develop advanced meditation skills. In RV (remote viewing), you will learn how to relax your mind quickly and create a safe, peaceful place in your mind. This reduces stress and elevates your problem solving capability. The benefits of meditation have been well researched and documented including faster healing, slowing the effects of aging, lowering high blood pressure and much more.


Intuitive Information with crystal clear clarity

The protocols you will learn are tailored made to upgrade the intuitive information your mind obtains about the past, present or future and make sure these are recorded with minimal interference from analytical thinking (left brain) and imagination (lower right brain function).

This incredible process has been proven to furnish results with 80% accuracy when executed correctly.

Your life may be changed forever as you connect and work with others in an authentic Remote Viewing and Quantum Astral Traveling class to target and solve real world problems and enigmas using the skills you will learn.


Livestream Worldwide in 3 Languages

Coming to Italy isn’t possible for everyone, so we’ve invested in the creation of a livestream training in 3 languages: English, German and Italian. You can be there with us in real time or on your own schedule. This is the most affordable and accessible deal: no travel, no hotel costs and you will have all the trainings and the audios (brain trainings and guided meditations) for the rest of your life at your fingertips.


The Benefits of Livestream

  • Most cost efficient option
  • Lifetime access 24/7 in 3 languages
  • All audio recordings will be provided to you after the training and you can listen to them anywhere, even in your car.
  • No travel, no hotel.
  • Follow at your own pace
  • Watch in your pajamas!
  • You can pause and come back when you want.
  • You can invite friends and share the costs, which makes it even more affordable and fun.


The Downsides of Livestream

  • You cannot enjoy the live presence of the amazing people, who come to our trainings.
  • You can’t touch, smell, hug and meet your (new) friends.
  • If you live outside of Italy, you cannot enjoy the Italian food and the beauty of the Garda Lake.
  • You cannot take a picture or selfie with us.

Otherwise the benefits listed above outweigh the downsides.

CET Central European Time

Thursday, October 11th
8.30 am - 10.30 am - Registrations
10.30 am - 1.00 pm Workshop
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm - 7.00 pm Workshop
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm Practice
from 9.00 pm Dinner

Friday, October 12th
9.30 am - 1.00 pm Workshop
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm - 7.00 pm Workshop
7.30 pm Channeling

Saturday, October 13th
9.30 am - 1.00 pm Workshop
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm - 7.00 pm Workshop 
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm Practice
from 9.00 pm Dinner

Sunday, October 14th
9.30 am - 1.00 pm Workshop
1.00 pm - 2.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm Workshop
3.30 pm - 4.00 pm Global Meditation


The workshop is held in English,
with simultaneous translation in Italian and German

(included in the registration fee)


Become an Oracle Coach

To become a Certified Oracle (Oracle Coach)
you need to attend at least two live courses and two in streaming

Your Head Trainer: Dr. Joy Martina
I have been interested in spirituality all my life, as a child I was fascinated with the enchanted world of fairies and unicorns and now I have the chance to experience all the magic in this world 4D. Channeling has also helped me understand myself better and where I come from. I got to know Roy through Omega Healing and from the 1st module I fell in love with his method (and the man himself :-)) and I have been fanatic in learning and practicing it since. But the real big breakthrough in my life came when Roy started to work with me and we developed the Christallin Connection method and the Christallin Oracle system. I have spent hundreds of hours channeling all kinds of entities and they help me with healings and direction of my life. My whole life has changed since Roy and I live and follow our guidance to 100%. So I am thrilled to share my experience and growing knowledge with anyone who has the calling to be an Oracle. I had no idea that I would be doing what I am doing today, helping thousands of people while doing what I love. I feel immensely grateful for the clarity I have gotten for my life’s path and I wish that upon each one of you.

Your Guest Trainer: Dr. Roy Martina
My mission and passion is to teach and discover techniques that can help us live a spiritual, healthy, happy and vital life. Since I start working with Joy we discovered a new way to channel incredible life changing information through what we call the Crystaline Connection. We are connected with highly evolved Light Beings and Ascended Masters and they are teaching us about the New World that is coming in this time of Aquarius. You too can connect with your guides and help transform and heal this world. I will assist Joy in this training when needed.


Sede del corso - Lago di Garda

How to reach the venue >

The workshop will be held at Parchi del Garda Hotel, in Pacengo di Lazise.


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Look at the seminar's pictures
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For subscriptions

For subscriptions
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3rd Module of the full workshop
Christallin Oracle Training®

Monday - Friday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Subscribe now
Discount 6%

€ 740,00 VAT included (instead of € 790,00)
Save € 50,00

Currency change € / USD
(Except for variations due to fluctuations in currency)

$ 865 VAT included (instead of $ 925)
Save $ 60,00

Limited offer through 8th October
CET Central European Time

The price includes: 
Admission to the workshop
Simultaneous translation
Teaching material
Water during the workshop

For more informations write an email to or
call logo mylife at +39 0541341038 from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am till 6.00 pm.

Become an Oracle Coach®

To become a Certified Oracle - Oracle Coach®
you need to attend at least two live courses and two in streaming: 

1. Quantum Leap
Buy Quantum Leap in streaming here >
€ 297,00 VAT included (instead of € 349,00)
Save € 52

2. Oracle Masterclass
Buy Oracle Masterclass in streaming here >
€ 290,00 VAT included (instead of € 790,00)
Save € 500

3. Outer Space - Travel & Remote Viewing
(October 11th-12th-13th-14th 2018)
Buy the live workshop Outer Space here >
€ 740,00 VAT included (instead of € 790,00)
Save € 50

Buy Outer Space in streaming here >
€ 290,00 VAT included (instead of € 790,00)
Save € 500

4. Inner Space - Initiation
(March 21st-22nd-23rd-24th 2019)

be part of at least 2 live workshops and watch the others in streaming


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