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Each module is a standalone training, and one is not required to participate in another nor do they need to be followed in any particular order.

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Contenuti del corso online Omega Healing®

Full Omega Healing® training in 4 modules
Become an Omega Coach® with the method of Joy and Roy Martina

Omega Healing® is a method that integrates many different modalities into a unique toolbox to facilitate the shift of the person to a new paradigm of health. Roy Martina, MD has applied his 30-year experience with this innovative method to improve your life.

Omega Healing® consists of 4 modules that you can follow individually or in succession:

  • Module 1 - Emotional Balance
  • Module 2 - Theta Coaching
  • Module 3 - Masterclass
  • Module 4 - Intentional Healing


Watch the video trailer where Joy and Roy Martina explain Omega Healing® method:


Module 1 Omega Healing® - Emotional Balance


This Module is recommended if you are interested in transforming your emotions, resolving your inner conflicts and becoming good at letting go of your past and being fully aware, in the now.

What do you learn in the first module?

Muscle testing: communication with the unconscious.

You will learn what is called: “The O-ring-muscle test” and how to use it as a communication tool to access the subconscious mind. This method is also called applied clinical kinesiology.

You will learn to ask yes/no questions of the subconscious mind and become aware of the muscle strength becoming stronger or weaker. In experienced hands, it is an incredibly accurate system with which you can do a myriad of things... even finding out if someone is telling the truth or not. You also learn to test yourself.

This whole module is primarily based on the O-ring test with which you will learn how to:

  • detect and release blocks in the psycho-energetic systems
  • find and remove causal factors in the meridian and chakra system
  • work with the emotional fitness scale to improve quality of life
  • detect and heal subconscious conflicts
  • deal with basic needs
  • install a powerful self image
  • heal emotional traumas
  • delete energetic links that keep you stuck in the past.


Watch the testimonials of people who have already experienced Omega Healing®:


Module 2 Omega Healing® - Theta Coaching


This module is dedicated to the power of the subconscious mind. The goal is to master trance states to get access to deeper subconscious levels and to make them work towards healing. We recommend this module for people who want to re-program their negative self talk and change stuck behavioral patterns.

In this module you learn how:

  • the mind-body complex is working and how to access the inner subconscious mind and change negative information into empowering information
  • to quickly bring a person or yourself fast into deep state of relaxation
  • to find the first time that an incident happened that caused problems later in life. This can be even before you are born.
  • to use positive suggestions to re-program the subconscious mind
  • to delete or change limiting or disease forming beliefs and healing blocks
  • to use trance in any situation to access your higher mind
  • to do age regression and even past life regression
  • to heal the inner child.

It is a life changing event as you learn so much of who you are and how you came to be who you are today and how to change the patterns that are limiting your potential to become the greatest, grandest version of yourself.


Watch the testimonials of people who have already experienced Omega Healing®:


Module 3 Omega Healing® - Masterclass


Therapists and healers will especially benefit from this module as they learn a system to easily explore the true causes behind any disease. This is called holistic diagnosis.

In this module you will learn:

  • how to program the autonomic nervous system and remove the sabotaging information for healing with simple instructions
  • how to connect the body’s autonomic nervous system with the blue print for healing
  • how to detect causal factors
  • how to use the causal factor score chart for determining the best approach
  • how to use special flowcharts to access specific parts of the mind, autonomic nervous system and DNA for healing
  • how to work in your practice to get best results if you are helping people professionally
  • and much more


Watch the testimonials of people who have already experienced Omega Healing®:


Module 4 Omega Healing® - Intentional Healing


This module is about developing the trust to work with the power of the source and learning how to connect with it. It is based on the concept that we are don’t have to be healers but can be the conduit for a higher healing power. The only thing we have to do is to learn how to direct this energy.

In this module you will learn how:

  • to access the higher consciousness and connect with the quantum field of the Source
  • to give specific instructions to the Source to access more the power of your mind
  • to create a so-called Divine Matrix for healing: the perfect energetic environment to facilitate healing
  • to be a clear channel for healing energy
  • to give spiritual healing and distance healing
  • to work with angels and other helpers from the spiritual realm
  • to heal using your hands, intention and mind.


Watch the Live Courses extracts:

By purchasing this course, you will get:

Complete videocourse (59 hours)
Complete audiocourse (59 hours)
18 Audio meditation in MP3
PDF certificate
PDF Manual of 162 pages
48 sheets

This product is currently unavailable

Available also in 6 installments
Click on "Buy Now" and choose your option:

• € 890 in one solution
• 6 monthly installments of € 159 each

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Monday - Thursday: 10.00am - 6.00pm
Friday: 10.00am - 2.00pm
(Central European Time)

[email protected]


The workshop is held in English.


The roots of Omega Healing®

Roy’s life and professional experiences are deeply rooted in the martial arts; he started at the age of 6 with judo and became an 8th degree Master black belt in martial arts. Less than 0.01% of the people who start martial arts will ever reach that level of dedication and commitment. He also became an undefeated champion for more than seven years and has 3 world records that after 25 years are still unbroken. He studied over 10 different martial arts systems to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each system. By combining the best of these systems he managed to win 152 consecutive fights in different weight divisions and different martial arts systems without losing one.

This is the same dedication and commitment he has given to exploring and studying the most powerful therapies of eastern and western medicine, self-development and spirituality. He met and studied with masters and gurus all over the world, gained amazing insights and discovered many missing links in the different systems of healing. Omega Healing® cannot save everyone, but it certainly can help most people improve their health, quality of life and much more.

The warrior meets the healer: Peaceful Healing Warrior

As a world champion in martial arts and a holistic medical doctor, Roy was able to see the body-mind-connection from different points of view. He realized that even the best therapies had something in common: they had blind spots! Sometimes these blind spots were so huge you could fly a jumbo jet though them. For instance, many alternative therapies disregard the power of the mind. Even beautiful approaches and wonderful healing techniques like herbal therapy, vitamin therapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic touch, homeopathy, acupuncture, flower-essences, nutritional therapy, EFT etc. - all these have this missing link in common.

As a warrior he was trained in how to use the mind to overcome challenges, to erase pain, to heal oneself quickly from traumas and to be able to face fear. While working as a doctor with terminal cancer patients he saw that the immune system functions in much the same way as the martial arts. Fears block the immune system from fighting and then it succumbs to the enemy: cells with no respect for the body’s boundaries. To overcome disease and to be able to heal one has to become a peaceful healing warrior. And the biggest motivator of the warrior is to have something to live for, a love to fight for. You have more power when you fight with the power of love than when you fight with the power of anger or force.


Synergy of methodologies: Omega Toolbox

Roy decided to merge the results of his own life experiences with scientific research in his clinic based on the best holistic therapies and latest diagnostic techniques into a new system he called “Omega”. This last letter of the Greek alphabet is a metaphor for the final synthesis of what he found. Omega includes the best of a lifetime of research and is a truly integrative toolbox for a new era in medicine.

New research is continuously being added to the Omega system, as the science and art of healing is rapidly approaching a new era of magic, quantum mechanics and instant transformation by the power of intention.

The Omega toolbox contains what we have found as the most effective tools for self-healing, wellbeing, success and prevention.

Since Roy Martina started with alternative medicine, he and his team of collaborators have treated over 60,000 chronically ill persons. He trained over 5,000 Omega Healing® Practitioners in more than 6 countries.

And now we are teaching this beautiful method to a new generation of Omega Health experts, where we are seeing more and more young people get enthusiastic about learning how to help themselves and others heal.

The core of Omega Healing® consists of two basic tools and the consistent use of the power of the mind for healing.


Become a specialist for self-healing

Most patients are accustomed being a passive person who is treated by a specialist. In Omega, it is the other way round. An Omega Health Coach gives the power back to the person. According to the fact that we carry all resources for a long, healthy and successful life in us, the person is empowered to create the life he or she desires.

Each person gets easy to learn exercises to release emotions, to balance stress and to use the subconscious mind to overcome sabotage. Also, they can use state of the art positive audio sessions (brain trainings) to take back the control of their body, health and life step-by-step.

In the Omega system, we want to help the person become a specialist for self-healing. Each human being is able to connect with the inner guidance and to access that powerful part of the mind that has the capability for full self-healing.

Using Omega Healing®, you will be able to step into your authentic power, find your specific solutions and retrieve control over your life.

Joy shares her personal approach to Omega Healing®: “I remember being very skeptical at first. I had partecipated in a good amount of workshops and trainings ever since I was young. I was attracted to the metaphysical, magical world, and believed that life was meant to be positive and happy. Of course, I encountered enough challenges to lose my innocence, so I started to search for answers and spent lots of money going to workshops and retreats trying to find the answers I was looking for. My great friend, Astrid, introduced me to Roy’s work, and when I started reading ”Emotional Balance”, I was immediately fascinated by the down to earth explanations and the eclectic knowledge. Then I started listening to the audio Brain Training and spent one year falling asleep to Roy's voice. I had never even met him at that time. Then the same friend went to one of Roy's weekend workshops in Austria and on the Sunday she called me and said: "Joy, I feel we should both sign up for this training; you must come with me. I have never seen someone more authentic than Roy; you will love him, he is the real deal!” Little did I know that those words would become a prophecy… Still endowed with some skepticism, I embarked on this one-year training with my best friend and we thoroughly enjoyed learning this new method. We practiced like crazy, and I can honestly say: it completely changed my life!

And then the totally unexpected happened: Roy and I fell in love with each other, and now I am living Omega day by day. I feel immensely grateful to be living the life I am living, where I get to do what I love and help millions. In the last 5 years, I have transformed more things in my life than in all the years beforehand …and it’s been quite a ride! For me, Omega is a way of life and I love teaching and sharing this knowledge with as many people as we can.”


With the purchase of 4 modules you can get the Omega Coach certification
To receive certification you must pass an in person exam,
call MyLife at +39 0541 341 038 or write at [email protected] to set a date.

What's the secret of Omega Healing®?

You are not a statistical average, you are an individual. So is every patient. What might work wonders with one person, might completely fail with another. And just because two people might show exact the same symptoms, this doesn't mean that the underlying causes are the same. Nor does it mean the treatment will be the same. Why Omega Healing® stands out so much from anything out there is that it doesn't limit you to one specific method, theory, approach or creed. You get a complete toolbox and the keys to it and you will learn how to choose and apply these tools thoroughly. Joy & Roy Martina want you to learn it all.

Second, it's about going deep. Omega Healing® doesn't stay on the surface, curing symptoms. Omega Healing® looks for the underlying causes to help you heal permanently. And it's not only about fighting disease, or staying just one step away from disaster. It's about moving yourself completely and fundamentally towards health, happiness, and freedom. You could call it the holy grail of preventive medicine.


But who does the healing anyway?

Imagine you brake a bone. You go to the doctor. He X-rays it, he might have to set it and then he keeps it straight while it heals with a plaster cast. But who does the healing? You live in an environment where you are not only constantly surrounded by bacteria, viruses, fungus but they even are passing your digestive system. Who is the one, who is protecting you?
Every day, cells in your body turn defective and threaten to become cancer cells. Who is destroying them?

It's your self-healing system that performs all these miracles day in and out.

So the most important task is to unlock and unleash the self-healing capacities of your body: To let go of stress, fear, anger, frustration, low self-esteem, and other emotions and traumas, to let go of limiting beliefs and experiences, to let go of everything, that drains your life energy, so you can completely focus on getting whole again.


What's so special about the Omega Healing® Training?

This is not another course with long lectures and boring slides. This is a frontal assault on your comfort zone. You will be challenged on every level. You listen, you meditate, you experience, and you practice, practice practice. And did we mention: You'll move, meditate and perform. A lot. Tying this all together will make your learning much faster and much more efficient than you ever thought possible.

And, boy will you have fun.

Theta Healing 1 con Joy e Roy Martina

During this training you will master:
  • How to identify and remove subconscious blockages that hold you back from your authentic power;
  • How to recognize your soul's path and how access your own higher wisdom as a guide;
  • How to break free from the past, dismantling your limiting beliefs and changing your self-image into one of self-worth, strength, courage and perseverance;
  • How to find the cause of your emotional patterns and how to change them;
  • How to program your subconscious to make your body immune to stress and chronic illness;
  • How to connect to your divine self and to activate your innate self-healing capacities to its maximum, so that miracles can happen and all chronic illnesses go away in an instant;
  • And last but not least: how you can test which food is best for your body to stay healthy and vital.

This training is not only for healthcare professionals. Everyone will profit from it tremendously. There is no professional qualification assumed or preparatory training needed. And there is no age-restriction too: So far our youngest participant was only 16 years, and the oldest, 78 years. So you have no excuse to not take the leap into a better life now!

What are you waiting for?

10 Reasons people attend Omega Healing® online course

  1. Most people attend the online workshops to either work on themselves for personal development or finding more information on how to stay healthy
  2. Some participants are sick or not feeling optimal. The range of symptoms varies from asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, allergies, etc.
  3. Others have emotional challenges such as posttraumatic stress, mood swings, depression, anger issues, etc.
  4. Most attend the course to increase their Personal Power: Omega Healing® is a self-empowering system.
  5. Self-healing & Self-hypnosis: Everyone can learn to activate his or her own intrinsic healing power. No matter if you want to help yourself or if you want to help others: you have to work on yourself first.
  6. To enhance their skills as a therapist, coach or healer.
  7. To become a therapist, coach or healer.
  8. They were guided to attend it, or invited by a friend, spouse.
  9. They received the training as a gift.
  10. To discover the latest on healing, spirituality, personal development and coaching.

Omega Healing® is a dynamic ever-evolving science and art of integrating lots of different aspects of healing into one system. It consists of a multi dimensional approach to health, life, success and disease and may use some of the linear approaches in a more comprehensive combination to treat several aspects and levels of the symptoms or challenges. The mind-body-complex is influenced by many sources of information. In Omega Healing®, we activate its correct vibration and frequency via voice, reflex-points, intentional touch, and intention.

In Omega Healing®, we are looking for what we call causal factors; you can call them the big disruptors in the time-line of the person. These incidents create shockwaves that when not addressed properly remain a disturbance factor for years to come.

We often use a special way to communicate with the body called kinesiology or muscle testing. Muscle testing is a technique in which we test the strength of a specific muscle, by asking questions that are yes or no questions, the muscle will go weak when it is a no and stay strong if it is a yes.


How the online courses work

#1 Do I need a special device to watch the online courses?
No, you don’t. You can watch the online courses from any computer of any operating system (Mac, Windows).
Just note that the quality of your viewing experience depends on the quality of your Internet connection.

#2 Can I log onto the online courses from my iPad or smartphone as well?
Yes, sure. You can follow the online courses from any tablet and smartphone.

#3 How can I register for the online courses?
Click on the orange buttons to purchase.

#4 How long will I have to wait to watch the online course after registering?
If you pay with a credit card or PayPal, you will immediately get the online course in your Personal Area. If you pay through bank transfer, you will get the online course after your payment has been confirmed.

#5 For how long the course will be available to me?
You will be able to see videos in your personal area in an unlimited way as long as the platform is online.
If you have chosen to pay in installments of the course will be available immediately already with the payment of the first installment, non-payment of even one of the following rate will prevent the fruition of the course until the payment of the installments suspended will fail.

#6 How does Money Back Guarantee work?
For any reason, if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days from your purchase.

#7 Who can I call for assistance?
If you need technical assistance to log in and watch the online courses, contact My Life with an email to [email protected] or you can call the phone number + 39 0541 341038 from Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 6 pm and Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm (Italian time). My Life srl is in Italy and their help desk is provided both in Italian and English.

This online course contains the teachings and ideas of the author related to the topic addressed in the course. With the course neither the authors nor the publisher intend to dispense medical advice as a form of treatment of physical problems. The intent of the authors and the publisher is to offer general information to support you in the search for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being; in no way should the online course be intended as a substitute for diagnosis and medical treatments. In case of potential and / or ascertained physical ailments, please consult your doctor before using the information contained in the course. The authors and the editor decline any responsibility deriving from the application you intend to make of the material proposed in the course for yourself or third parties. The online course will be active and usable in your Personal Area in an unlimited way as long as the platform is online.

All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means is prohibited, except with the prior authorization of the Publisher.

Dr. Roy Martina

Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned European holistic medical doctor, a profilic bestselling author (85 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer/Speaker. One of his biggest international best-selling books is Emotional Balance (Hay-House).

He has worked and taught workshops with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Masaro Emoto and many others. He has developed many new holistic therapies such as Omega Healing and Remote Chi (Distance Healing). He has developed over a 1000 natural remedies sold in USA, China and Europe.

He has been a Holistic Doctor for 40 years and has taught over 250,000 therapists, doctors, managers and laypersons his techniques; millions of his 84 books have been sold. Keynote Speaker: He is a world-renowned keynote speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide, and lectures throughout Europe, South and North America, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, China and the Caribbean.

He works closely with his wife Joy Martina Ph.D., a psychic psychologist, Master Hypnotist, & Rapid Change Coach and Business Oracle. They reside in Asheville, North Carolina (USA).

Current projects:

Heart Healing revolution: Joy and Roy started the Heart Healing Revolution, a revolutionary practical approach to spirituality that is easy to do for everyone and leads to improves life quality and understanding the basic principles of spirituality and oneness.

Christallin Oracle Certification Training: This international training is to certify individuals in what are considered to be psychic skills, like channeling, astral traveling, remote viewing, shamanic journeys, advanced meditation and healing skills in Italy. See


Dr. Joy Martina

Dr. Joy Martina is a psychic psychologist and Angel Celebrity Coach with an otherworldly ability to ‘see’ what you don’t even see in yourself, turn deep seated limiting belief on its head and offer swift transformation so that you can claim your power and start living the life you were meant to live. 

Joy’s methods are decidedly a little woo, yet based in tangible science backed results. She commands crowds worldwide into the thousands, proving that woo works! While she takes her work very seriously, she always leads with the objective of having fun, creating joy and spreading love. 

Joy has authored many books including her most recent bestseller, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life” and new book called “Angels for Empowerment”. She has spent decades researching Intuition and uses this as the guiding force for the transformative work she does to help others step into their truth and create a life in alignment with their highest good.

This product is currently unavailable

Available also in 6 installments
Click on "Buy Now" and choose your option:

• € 890 in one solution
• 6 monthly installments of € 159 each

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