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Become a certified
Omega Health Coach

If you would like to help others professionally with healing and solutions to their challenges you can become a certified Omega Health Coach.

Reclaim your birthright of Health, Happiness, and Freedom.
Join the Omega Healing Training now!

For to long a time you have tried to fulfill other people's demands. Now it's time to reward yourself and give you the gift of Omega Healing. You have really earned it.

You don't need to be a doctor, a nurse, a therapist, or alternative practitioner to enormously profit from this training. Omega Healing will provide you with a complete toolbox to deal with all the stress and every challenge in your life. You will learn how to activate your own self-healing powers to their maximum potential and you will learn how to make yourself defensible against cancer, degeneration and stress. You will learn to tackle illness before it even gets a chance. You will learn to make yourself whole and balanced again.

And by the way: By healing yourself you will be acquiring the best tools for helping others.

Want to become Omega Coach?

Emozional Balance

Theta Coaching

Omega Healing Master Class

These are the breakthroughs you will achieve with this training:

  • You will learn how to master stress, emotions and conflicts;
  • You will learn the art of letting go, so you can efficiently break away from the past and easily forgive everyone who has ever hurt you;
  • You will learn how to dissolve negative, disease-forming beliefs and create a new identity for a life full of grace, ease and joy;
  • You will learn how to identify and remove the causal factors of disease and how to boost your immune system;
  • You will learn how to re-program your DNA to a long, vital and healthy life;
  • You will even learn how to lower your biological age (rejuvenate your body) and re-charge yourself with energy in abundance.
  • You will learn how to connect with the source of yoru spirit and use this force for healing!
  • You will learn how to find the cause of diseases that come from past lives and cure them
  • You will learn how to find which foods are toxic for you and feel much better by healing the cause.
  • You will learn how to detoxify your body more effectively than you can imagine.
  • You will learn how to become more successful by removing the uncosncious saboatge mechanisms buried deep in your subconscious mind.

What's behind Omega Healing?

As a young medical doctor Roy Martina soon felt disappointment and frustration about the limitations of his profession. He wanted to help more people more efficiently and wasn't satisfied with the results of conventional medicine that was predominantly symptomatic in nature. So he went out of his way to study and research every alternative or complementary method that might help him to achieve better results. So he delved into traditional Chinese medicine, mastered acupuncture and the application of healing herbs. These old traditional methods made him much extremely successful. But being Roy Martina he didn't stop here and so he went on researching. He began to study among others alternative cancer therapies, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, nutritional therapy, NLP, mind training, meditation, visualization, and hypnotherapy. As he became ever more succesful in treating his patients he became even more curious too. So he pushed the limits and allowed himself to look even further into distance healing, shamanism and other forms of spirituality. And he connected the dots and combined everything that worked. This is how Omega Healing has evolved from his many years of experience curing the incurable.

Today Roy Martina is not only an acclaimed doctor, but also a renowned speaker, trainer and teacher, and an author of more than 70 published books. He has taught together with Deepak Chopra, Eric Pearl, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Peggy Dylan and many others. He is an acknowledged authority in the arena of holistic medicine and coaching and he has successfully taught thousands of doctors and therapists all over the world including Russia, China and the USA.

His unrelenting passion is researching the causes of why people sabotage their own happiness, health, and success, drives him to ever new frontiers and to push his limits even beyond imagination. The Omega Healing Training is the essence of a 35 year quest for the keys to vitality, peak performance, success, and health. And now the keys are here for you to grasp.

Now with the help of his beloved wife Dr. Joy Martina, a pyschologist, medium, Oracle and Life coacht hey improved Omega Healing even more by fine tuning many of the healing processes. She is a Master at Omega Healing and a psassionate teacher. She is also the co-developer oft he Intentional Healing and the Christallin Oracle training.


  • how it would feel to successfully help clients, friends or family to heal themselves from most diseases and inconvenience in a short period of time.
  • how rewarding it would be to coach people to efficiently heal themselves even from the most persisting and chronic symptoms.
  • how it would be like to do a training that is guaranteed to help you heal yoruslef on physical, mental emotional and spiritual level?
  • how it would be like to master your emotions and transform them into power and wellbeing?
  • how your life would look like, if you could easily overcome every challenge and nothing could ever again stress you out.
  • how you would experience your life, if you could easily get back in balance and return to inner peace at any given time.
  • how you could enjoy everything you do absent of stress, fear and pain.
  • how with every passing year you could even look and feel much younger and more vital.
  • how it would feel to be healthy, vital, and full of joy every day for the rest of a long life.
  • how it would be like to understand why we get sick, age prematurely and lose energy and know what to do about it?

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Joy e Roy Martina

Omega Health Coaching

What's the secret of Omega Healing?

You are not a statistical average, you are an individual. So is every patient. What might work wonders with one person, might completely fail with another. And only because two persons might show exact the same symptoms, doesn't mean that the underlying causes are the same. Or the treatment. What Omega Healing distinguishes so much from anything out there is that it doesn't limit you to one specific method, theory, approach or creed. You get a complete toolbox and the keys to it and you will train how to choose and apply these tools thoroughly. Joy & Roy Martina want you to learn it all.

Second it's about going deep. Omega Healing doesn't stay on the surface, curing symptoms. Omega Healing looks for the underlying causes to help you heal permanent. And it's not only about fighting disease, or staying just one step away from disaster. It's about moving yourself completely and fundamentally towards health, happiness, and freedom. You could call it the holy grail of preventive medicine.

But who does the healing anyway?

Imagine you broke a bone. You go to the doctor. He X-rays it, he maybe has to set it right and then he fixates it with a plaster cast. But who does the healing? You live in an environment where you are not only constantly surrounded by bacteria, viruses, fungus but they even are passing your digestive system. Who is the one, who is protecting you?
Every day cells in your body turn defect and threaten to become cancer cells. Who is destroying them?

It's your self-healing system that performs all these miracles day in and out.

So the most important task is to unblock and unleash the self-healing capacities of your body: To let go of stress, fear, anger, frustration, low self-esteem, and other emotions and traumas, to let go of limiting beliefs and experiences, to let go of everything, that drains your life energy, so you can completely focus on getting hole again.

What's so special about the Omega Healing Training?

This is not another seminar with long lectures and boring slides. This is a full face assault on your comfort zone. You will be challenged on every level. You listen, you discuss, you meditate, you experience, and you practise, practise practise. And did we mention: You'll move, meditate and perform. A lot. Tying this altogether will make your learning much faster and much more efficient than you ever thought possible.

Don't be scared. You will also work and train in small groups, and you will be supported by experienced Omega Coaches and Trainers. Excellent training material and a CD-rom with meditations accompany your training. Special evening meditations support you to record the total curriculum into your system.

And, boy will you have fun.

During this training you will master:

  • How to identify and remove unconscious blockages that hold you back from your authentic power;
  • How to recognize your soul's path and how access your own higher wisdom as a guide;
  • How to break free from the past dismantling your limiting beliefs and changing your self-image into one of self-worth, strength, courage and perseverance;
  • How to find the cause of your emotional patterns and to change them;
  • How to program your unconscious to make your body immune to stress and chronic illness;
  • How to connect to your divine self and to activate your innate self-healing capacities to its maximum, so that miracles can happen and all chronic illnesses go away in an instant;
  • And last but not least: how you can test which food is best for your body to stay healthy and vital.

This training is not only for healthcare professionals. Everyone will profit from it tremendously. There is no professional qualification assumed or preparatory training needed. And there is no age-restriction too: So far the youngest participant only 16 years, the oldest 78 years. So you might have no excuse to not take the leap into a better life now!

What are you waiting for?.


Omega Healing Training.

In four modules to a life full of health, happiness, and freedom.
Each module can be done separately, and for each you will receive a certifciation.
You will become an Omega Helath Coach if you have done all four and pass the examination!
Each module lasts at least 4 training days and 3 evenings. In each module, you learn to master a new approach, and each module offers you new insights and breakthroughs. The first three modules you can also follow separately. In the last module, the masterclass, we tie it all together. Every module might bring about powerfull skills making you a successful coach in it's own right. But in the forth module we don't simply summ everything up, we multiply what we learned so far and bring it to a complete new level.

1st module: Emotional Balance & Trauma Healing — Master communication with your subconscious mind - 4 days

Already done October, 1st-2nd-3rd-4th 2015

Stress, Phobia, insecurities, all unresolved emotions, conflicts, traumas: In this module you will learn techniques to quickly detect and dissolve blockades. Among other things, you will learn to work with ‘Advanced’ Emotional Balance (EB), you learn to let go of your karmic connections, work with the power of intention, with chakra’s and soul lessons and you also learn to work with Remedies. With what you learn in this module alone you can effectively tackle more than 90% of your unconscious blocks and sabotages and significantly improve your and other people's quality of life. Because it's the unconscious where our life’s reality is taking place. It's the unconscious that's sitting in the driver's seat and sabotages your best intentions. Emotional Balance is not only a way to healing but to reach almost any goal you desire. From becoming a healthy non-smoker for life or gaining the perfect weight and shape to winning the next marathon or succeeding in your professional endeavor. In this module, you will reach real great breakthroughs and you will gain astonishing emotional fitness. You willalso learn kinesiology in ordert o qucikly communicate with the subcosnciosu mind and find all the hidden secrets.

You missed the 1st module, and you still want to become Omega coach?
Buy and watch the streaming course "Emotional Balance"
staying at home
€ 297 (VAT included) instead of € 349

To complete the Omega Coach path at least 2 of 4 modules must be followed live, to be able to train with the exercises under the supervision of the coach and Roy and Joy. Streaming can be followed up to two modules.

Streaming of Emotional Balance costs € 297.00 and you can choose to watch it in Italian or English (the course is taught in English with Italian translation).

2nd module: Theta Coaching, Self Hypnosis & Past Lives – You are more than you think you are! - 4 days

Already done March, 1st-2nd-3rd-4th 2016

Durante questo modulo imparerai a compiere enormi cambiamenti guidando te stesso e gli altri attraverso un profondo rilassamento. Il Theta coaching è un'applicazione rapida ed efficace di tecniche che derivano dal coaching subconscio. Per usare il Theta coaching devi solo imparare a rilassarti e a essere aperto. Così facendo, entri rapidamente in una condizione in cui hai accesso diretto alla mente inconscia dove puoi effettuare un cambiamento permanente. È qui che lavorerai su una nuova immagine positiva di te stesso, attingendo a poteri enormi dall'interno. Impari come entrare in contatto con la tua Intelligenza Superiore, attraverso la quale i tuoi doni intuitivi e poteri di percezione aumenteranno esponenzialmente. Durante questi quattro giorni imparerai anche tutto quello che ti serve sapere su come far regredire l'età e su come guarire i ricordi delle vite passate

You missed the 2nd module, and you still want to become Omega coach?
Buy and watch the streaming course "Theta Coaching"
staying at home
€ 297 (iva inclusa) instead of € 349

To complete the Omega Coach path at least 2 of 4 modules must be followed live, to be able to train with the exercises under the supervision of the coach and Roy and Joy. Streaming can be followed up to two modules.

Streaming of Emotional Balance costs € 297.00 and you can choose to watch it in Italian or English (the course is taught in English with Italian translation).

3rd module: Master Class Causal Diagnostics –Chronic Disease (Diagnosis & Toolbox, Nutrition, Toxins, Chronic Disease) - 4 days

October, 13th-14th-15th-16th 2016

Practising is the only way to perfection. The Master Class is all about controlling and completely mastering the techniques and the material. The aim is to unconsciously become competent and compatible in thinking, intuition and feeling. You will deepen and strengthen your healing powers and your power of intention and all the skills you learned in the other modules. To facilitate healing, you have to know what causes the problems and what the message is. Unfortunately, symptomatic treatment also occurs in alternative medicine. Not a lot of therapies pay attention to the real underlying cause of the “suffering”. The latter we call Causal Diagnostics: looking for the real core of the illness, the problem or sabotage. You will learn all about this during this module.

4th module: Intentional Healing: Connection & Healing - 4 days

March 23th-24th-25th-26th 2017

Intentional Healing is the the future.
It is a combination of connecting to Divine energy and using that for healing. You will also learn distance healing and how to connect better to your guides. This module will help you find the answers that are deep within you, but you were never able to reach. What you will learn during this workshop can shock you through the immense impact it will have on your life. But also on the life of the people around you, who you can help with these. It will be a positive shock, because you will see that very fast and even miraculous healing is possible. During this module your will learn the ultimate technique for self-healing and healing at distance.

Finishing with an exam as an option
March 27th 2017
This is for those who want to become a certified Omega Health Coach, it is practical and theoretical.

Want to become a full time pro?

If you want to become a certified Omega Health Coach, the exam (with positive result) is mandatory


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Have you studied Omega before and want to refresh your skills & get all updates?
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